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Residential Roofing

At Mariage Roofing Company, Inc. in Williamsburg, MI, we offer a broad range of residential roofing services. With over 50 years of business in the Traverse City and Elk Rapids area, we have the experience to ensure our customers get the quality roof they deserve and become one of our thousands of happy customers. Don’t trust your home’s most important structure to just anyone; choose The Roofing Company That Cares.  Our goal is to leave each customer completely satisfied throughout the entire process.

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Home Roof in Williamsburg, MI | Mariage Roofing Company, Inc.
Residential Roofing in Williamsburg, MI | Mariage Roofing Company, Inc.

Services We Provide:


We discuss the needs of our customers and provide detailed estimates to inform our customers of the process and materials we will use to complete their roofing project.

Complete Tear Off

All of our re-roofing projects begin with the removal of the existing materials to allow us to inspect the roof deck for any damages that may need to be addressed prior to the installation of your new roof.

Roof Ventilation

A proper attic ventilation system allows the flow of outside air into the attic, protects the efficiency of insulation and helps lower the temperature in the living space. We can install roof vents to prevent excess moisture and heat buildup in your attic, both of which can shorten the life of your roof.

Roof Inspections

We perform roof inspections to determine the wear and tear of your roof. We can identify how much life it has left, and whether it’s in need of repair or replacement soon. We’ll also check for proper ventilation, insulation, and whether moisture and mold are present. When you’re in the market for a new home, the roof is a key aspect to watch out for.

Condominium Planning & Budgeting

We can assess the current condition of all roofs in an association and provide you with an estimate and a timeline for replacements. We can also recommend any repairs that might need to be completed on all association roofs.

New Construction/Additions

We work with several contractors throughout the area, or if you’re building your home, garage or an addition to your house, we’d love to install your roof for you!

We are the roofing professionals you can count on!